Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
Fulfill all legal recycling obligations with your Onlineshop across 30 European countries.
Packaging Waste Compliance
WEEE and Battery Directive
Textile Recycling EPR
Furniture and Mattress EPR
Are you facing problems to be EPR compliant in Germany,France,Spain, Austria or other countries?
Language/cultual barries
Long waiting time
Complicated bureaucracy
Different national laws & regulations
Difficult quantity declaration
Call EUREP GmbH for your easy compliance in 35 countries !
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Pursuant to the EU packaging waste directive and EU WEEE directive, as well as other national recycling legislation, e-commerce businesses are responsible for the recycling of their packaging and sold products in each country, such as by joining compliance schemes or paying environmental taxes and fees. With each country having their own laws and institutions, WEEE recycling and packaging compliance across Europe is highly complex.

EUREP GmbH helps you fulfill your corporate responsibility in all of your target markets.

EUREP GmbH in figures
Over 18.000 active registrations (device types)
Over 9.000 producers in 36 countries
Over 8.000 authorisations in Germany,France,Spain and Austria
Over 20.000 registrations in 34 countries(excl.Germany)
More than 100 cooperate with EUREP Gmbh(device types)
Over 30 Services
Over 10 year's experience
Consultancy in over 10 languages
Full service for Extended Producer Responsibility in35countries
What will EUREP GmbH do for you?
EUREP GmbH frees you from the complicated processes to obtain EPR numbers in your targeted countries.
● Identify which products need to be registered under which
   EPR categories in which countries.
● Be your Authorised Representative,if necessary.
● Customise an individual offer for you.
● Join EUREP GmbH! You can have the following benefit simmediately:
   - We speak the local official languages - English,German,
      French,Italian, Spanish, Polish,Chinese, etc.
   - Registration with the respective Producer Responsibility
      Organisation (PRO) of our extended partner network
   - For each EPR product category obtain the EPR registration
      numbers in your relevant countries
   - Make sure that every step of the registration is compliant
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Authorized REP under the Batteries Act in Germany
EPR Service
Extended Producer Responsibility/EPR
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Our partners
EUREP GmbH values
Our customers are our focus at EUREP GmbH
We put the needs of our customers in the first position. We develop our services in accordance with legal requirements and make sure that our services are suitable to our customers. We inform our customers about new requirements and create practical solutions for them in time.
Environmental and consumer protection
All legal requirements in the area of product compliance or extended producer responsibility are intended to protect consumers, the environment or the resources of our planet. Therefore, EUREP GmbH help to achieve these objectives by ensuring the conformity of products.
The quality of our processes is highly appraised by official agencies
The quality of the services in EUREP GmbH are highly evaluated by official agencies according to our rigorous and standardized service process.
We operate in a budget-oriented manner
In order to help our customers use their budgets efficiently, we work in a risk-oriented approach like the market surveillance authorities. Our experts decide on a budget-oriented basis which measures are cost-effective and must be undertaken to achieve product conformity.
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